List of products by supplier Ticino Group Srl

Ticino Group was founded in 1993 as a distributor of PPE (personal protective equipment), over the years and also thanks to the introduction of the 626 law, Ticino Group has evolved from a simple distributor to a specialized partner. Increasingly oriented towards research and development of new products useful for improving and facilitating the protection of man during work.

*Gruetta Dbi-Sala Davit
Adattatore X Bocc. 3M Ear One Touch Pro
Adesivo 3M Spray 77
Adesivo 3M Spray 90
Aircare A Muro 3M Acu-03 Senza Attacco
Ancoraggio A Contrappeso Autoportante 3M
Ancoraggio Quicklock
Apparecchiatura X Fit Test Ft10
Apparecchiatura X Fit Test Ft30
Archetto 3M Ear Caboflex 21Db
Archetto 3M Ear Cap 23Db (Cartone Da 50)
Archetto 3M Ear Cap Snr uguale 23Db
Archetto 3M Earband 21Db
Archetto Antirumore C/Caps Kraton Mx6600
Archetto Antirumore C/Caps Poliu Mx6700
Archetto Antirumore Waveband 2K Mx6800
Archetto Antirumore Waveband Mx6810
Archetto Regolab. 3M Ear Flexicap 23Db